We Cover Chimney Service

We understand that perhaps the only thing less welcome to you than a chimney fire is an exorbitant and unexpected chimney cleaning service fee! We offer fair and competitive rates on all jobs, and in some cases can offer same-day service!


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We are certified contractor and offers lifetime labor and material warranties. We provide all types of Chimney services for homes and businesses.



Our technicians always prepare clean work areas before starting to stop all suit from leaving your fireplace. In addition, we use powerful state of the art equipment to remove all soot before it ever leaves the air, as our technician sweeps through your chimney.


Animal Removal

A chimney cap is often the best solution for preventing animals from entering your chimney and home. After removing the animal, proper waste and debris removal is typically necessary as well as a thorough clean to prevent further hazards from being present when using your fireplace.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint builds up over time as you use your dryer from water being removed from your wet clothes. Over time, you need to remove this lint in order to properly maintain your dryer and prevent what may be the biggest fire hazard in your home.